Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday - Schmutzli ... I miss you.

schmutzli - Flashback Friday

This weeks Flashback Friday is pet themed... so I decided to go with my last pet we had. A black & white cat named Schmutzli. I loved Schmutzli a lot, but things with her didn't end well, and it still brings me to tears when I think about it. The relationship I had with Schmutzli was always a little off right from the beginning. I got her the same day I had to put my cat of 15 years down... that was the first thing I did wrong. I should have waited, I wasn't ready to get another cat, but my mom sort of talked me into it. I know she was just trying to help me because I was heartbroken...but I really wasn't ready and I should have listened to my heart. Schmutzli was born a wild cat (another mistake, I should have gotten a domestic cat) ... we found her outside of a restaurant my mom was working at. Schmutzli was skidderish from the beginning. The problems with her didn't start for about 4 or 5 months after we had her... what did she do? She Peed... she peed everywhere. To make a long long story short.. I put up with it for 4 years! I tried everything, different litter box techniques, homeopathic remedies... and YES I even tried a pet Psychic... and still get teased for that from this day. Finally right before our wedding I had had enough of being stressed ALL the time. It was literally effecting my health, and I decided to put her down. I tried to find her a good home... and decided not to take her to the shelter because I know they would have put her down anyways because of the peeing :( So one day I asked my husband to take her to the vet to put her down. I couldn't bring myself to bring her and still get tears thinking about it. I think it really scarred my husband too... I wonder if he will ever forgive me? We decided to not have any pets after Schmutzli... It really really hurt us to have to put her down. I think we are afraid we'll have to do it again... and quite frankly, we aren't ready to do that any time soon. Schmutzli is now resting in a plot out on my dad's farm... at least I can visit her whenever I want.

Rest well my Sweet Schmutzli!

schmutzli Flashback Friday

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Nen said...

there is nothing worse than the stench of cat pee. the only downside to having a cat, i say!

so sorry to hear about schmutzli having to be put down. :( a few weeks ago, i went with my dad to put their 10 yr old dog down... and it was HORRIBLE!! i came home with thoughts of my current dog and cat someday dying... and that definitely isn't the type of negative thinking you should carry around! maybe someday you'll decide to get another pet. it's heartbreaking to lose them... but they are such a joy to have around!

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh that made me so sad.

Knowing that you can no longer take care of a pet weighs down so heavy on your soul. Having her put down was rough, I'm sure.

But in the end, you wouldn't have been able to give her the special attention that she needed, and no other family probably could have either.