Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flashback Friday - Party like its 1999!


I was dreamin'when I wrote this
Forgive me if it goes astray
But when I woke up this mornin'
Coulda sworn it was judgment day
The sky was all purple,
there were people runnin' everywhere
Tryin' to run from the destruction,

U know I didn't even care

say say two thousand zero zero party over,
oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999

With next week being New Years... I decided a flashback of New Years 1999 would be appropriate. The top picture was taken in Montreal on December 30th 1999... the night before the big party. We decided to go to Montreal for New Years 1999... it was a blast. I can't remember the details of the bar this was taken at or the one we spent New Years at... in fact, I can't remember much of those 4 days... it was pretty much a blur. There was 7 of us that decided to go down to Montreal with a school trip from the College I was going to. We headed down on a bus early in the morning on December 29th and came back on the evening of the first. I remember all the hype about Y2K... were all the computers in the world going to fail? Would we still be here in the morning? Was there going to be Armageddon? All the excitement and unknowing was a little "over done" but did make the night truly fun and exciting.


This last photo was taken at midnight 1999 while Princes 1999 was playing... a total night of partying and fun... a night to let go and enjoy... for who knows... it might be our last :) You can see a little arrow pointing to me in the picture.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday - Christmas 1980


Christmas in 1980 was a magical one for me... mostly because Santa came and visited me at home... he really did come to my home as you can see in the picture. I am the one sitting on my dad's lap with my weird orange apron on... not sure why I was wearing it, but Oh well. It is one of the most vivid memories for me as a child. It was tradition in our family to open our gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas mornings like most North American children. Usually on Christmas Eve my sister and I would have an evening nap (that's when Santa would come and deliver our Christmas presents) and then after our nap we would sit down for an evening supper (usually around 9pm) and we would open our gifts from Santa after wards. Not only was it fun for us...but later on I found out it was also fun for our parents because on Christmas morning when all the other parents were up at the crack of dawn because their children wanted to open parents got to sleep in while my sister and I went downstairs to play with our new toys. Christmas time at our place was fun...but it wasn't as special as our birthdays. We always got more presents for our is after all Our Special Day!

On this particular Christmas I remember Santa knocking on our door (he did so because we didn't have a fire place) ... I remember sitting on his lap and I remember exactly what I got. I got this dog toy that to this day I'm not sure how it worked. It was a special plastic mat and when you set the dog on the mat it would follow a special path... never falling off.

It was a magical moment in my life... I wish all Christmas's were just like it...and I wish I still believed in Santa. Those were the days!

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Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 49 - “Pets Only!” Photo Challenge

i heart faces - photo challenge

This is my entry for this weeks I Faces photo challenge. For more entries or to add your own visit I Faces

Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback Friday - The Makings Of A Christmas Elf!


This weeks flashback Friday is only taking us back one whole year. Back to December 2008... when I only had to worry about one child, when hubby and I would have a night to ourselves every week when Sophia slept over at Grandma an Grandpas house. I was due with Charlotte (we didn't know she was a Charlotte then...I love surprises) on December 28th and I had a couple weeks of vacation saved up so I stopped working on December 6th, which meant I had a lot of free time :) For all my American friends... here in Canada you get a full year of maternity leave when you have a child so often women won't work right up until the birth of their child. Anyhoo since I had a lot of free time and Sophia stopped going to daycare we needed to come up with some crafts to pass the time.


We ended up making cute button wreath ornaments for the Christmas tree and for present toppers. they turned out well and friends and family loved them. I was a little leary of letting a two year old play with wire and small buttons...but she proved up to the task. All you do to make these cute wreaths are to string buttons on some wire... connect to make a circle and tie some ribbon on. Sophia did a great job and I was very proud of her dexterous skills. We were going to make some more this year but I missplaced all my buttons and the nice buttons at the craft stores are way too expensive... so we painted wooden ornaments instead.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 48 - “Sweet Dreams” Photo Challenge

sweet dreams

This is my entry for this weeks photo challenge at I Faces. This is a picture of my oldest Sophia Lilly when she was 4 months old. If you would like to enter or see any of the other great entries... check it out here.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback Friday - You scare me drunk Santa.


Today's Flashback Friday is only from last year. From a distance it may look like the ideal Christmas photo...but if you were there you'd know different. This photo was taken just after Sophia was done crying, and probably between Santa barfing. Last year we decided to take Sophia to the mall to see Santa...and in hindsight we should have known better. Just before Sophia sat on Santa's lap the mall security had to have a talk with Santa. The rent a cop was letting Santa know that his "current state" was unacceptable. We took Sophia up to Santa and she proceeded to cry on Santa's lap. You'd think that Santa would be good with children... well.. not this one. He literally did not move from the position he was sitting. Probably for fear of throwing up all over the children. His eyes were all glazed over, he did not speak... no wonder she was afraid, I think I was too. Anyhoo... in the last moment we got Sophia to smile... she did a great job too... too bad about drunk Santa.

close up

All in all I think Kevin and I were more scarred by drunk Santa then Sophia as she had no problem hopping up on his lap again this year.

Come back next week to see a picture of me when I was a child sitting on Santa's lap... its pretty cute.

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Happy Holiday Season :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 47 - “We ♥ Tooshies” Photo Challenge

holding hands

This is my submission for the We ♥ Tooshies weekly contest on I ♥ Faces. This is my daughter Sophia Lilly and her friend Jonah walking home from seeing the Backyardigans LIVE. To see more tooshies check them out here.