Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday - Christmas 1980


Christmas in 1980 was a magical one for me... mostly because Santa came and visited me at home... he really did come to my home as you can see in the picture. I am the one sitting on my dad's lap with my weird orange apron on... not sure why I was wearing it, but Oh well. It is one of the most vivid memories for me as a child. It was tradition in our family to open our gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas mornings like most North American children. Usually on Christmas Eve my sister and I would have an evening nap (that's when Santa would come and deliver our Christmas presents) and then after our nap we would sit down for an evening supper (usually around 9pm) and we would open our gifts from Santa after wards. Not only was it fun for us...but later on I found out it was also fun for our parents because on Christmas morning when all the other parents were up at the crack of dawn because their children wanted to open parents got to sleep in while my sister and I went downstairs to play with our new toys. Christmas time at our place was fun...but it wasn't as special as our birthdays. We always got more presents for our is after all Our Special Day!

On this particular Christmas I remember Santa knocking on our door (he did so because we didn't have a fire place) ... I remember sitting on his lap and I remember exactly what I got. I got this dog toy that to this day I'm not sure how it worked. It was a special plastic mat and when you set the dog on the mat it would follow a special path... never falling off.

It was a magical moment in my life... I wish all Christmas's were just like it...and I wish I still believed in Santa. Those were the days!

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Happy Holidays!


AlyGatr said...

That's a great picture! Look how happy everyone looks. Sounds like you had an awesome day....definitely one to remember.

Giggly said...

I love your flashbacks. :) This is one of the greatest X-Mas pics.

Nen said...

What a good idea your parents had!! Maybe I'll steal that idea if I ever have kids!

PS--the apron is cute! :)

David said...

I bet it was magnets that made the dog walk a path on the mat.

Oh Mandie! said...

aww, Christmas' like those are the best! My father in law comes over every year dressed as Santa for my boys and they are always so thrilled, and I hope they have the same fond memories of their childhood Christmas's as you have of yours :)

Julie said...

ha! love your dad's mustache the best!

Christopher And Tia said...

Hearing your stories always makes me feel so comfortable.

So do you do that with your girls too then? Open things on Christmas eve rather than Christmas morning??