Friday, August 7, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Just for fun. Here are 25 Random Facts About Me

1.My favorite colour is pink, and I love sparkly stuff

2.Most people think I'm bitchy when they first meet me cause I'm quiet and shy, but soon warm up!

3.I lived in Switzerland for two years as an au pair... had loads of fun.

4.The two people I would most like to meet in my lifetime would be Ani diFranco and Joss Whedon.

5.I secretly love my husbands beard <3

6.I love to watch my children sleep at night.

7.My favorite ice cream flavor is Hevenly Hash.

8.I hate skinny jeans and feel they went out of style a long time ago for a reason... come on... they aren't flattering on anyone!

9.I love love love teeny romance movies and musicals... its almost an obsession!

10.I love my two girls and husband so much it actually makes my heart ache sometimes... don't know what I would do without them.

11.I really really really miss the mountains and beautiful scenery.. K-hole is just so ugly... I'd move in a heartbeat if I wouldn't miss the rest of my family so much.

12.My ideal job would be a hausfrau... I just wanna stay at home with my kids. I dread having to go out and find a new job in a year.

13.I love love love to sew... if I could make a living sewing from home I would.

14.I have an addiction to fabric... I really do, I have tons and tons of fabric and I just can't stop buying it. It wouldn't be too bad... but I love the japanese fabrics which are really expensive... I bet it would take me a year of daily sewing to finish up all my fabric I have.

15.I'm also addicted to etsy and shopping on etsy... if you haven't checked it out... do so NOW!

16.I dream daily about living in a small community or in the mountains and having a little house like this one for my studio I'd like a house for me like this, and one for Kevin and each of the children... wouldn't that be so fun!

17.I listen to the buffy and Dr Horrible soundtracks WAY too much... its almost unhealthy.

18.I secretly think I'm a slayer... the next chosen one maybe... and yes.. I believe in vampires.. but in my world they don't sparkle like diamonds... that's just lame!!!

19.One of the most fun jobs I ever had was in a photolab...its fun to look at random peoples photos... man are there some twisted people out there.

20.If I could own any car it would be a powder pink Golf with brown racing stripes

21.I was raised catholic, but have chosen to not raise my children with any specific religion.

22.The three places I would like to visit before I die are, Egypt, India and Japan

23.I love thai food and Indian food, although I hate seafood.

24.I don't read as many books as I would like to, reading makes me tired. So I stick to reading blogs and news online and also craft or DIY books. Short things that require no commitment.

25.I wish I could spend more time with my friends... and I really want to go on a "girls only" cruise with my girlfriends in a couple of years when we can spend time away from our kids.


Christopher And Tia said...

Oh, can I please come on the girls only cruise?!