Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shred Day 1

I was actually supposed to start day 1 of the shred yesterday...but... me being me, I found excuses of why I couldn't start. Isn't that always the way. Tonight after I put the girls to bed... hubby was gone out and I was doing my usual Internet stuff and after reading all of the dedicated twitters by moms and non moms just like me who got off their asses and did some exercise, I figured I didn't really have an excuse and even though it was 8:30pm I needed to shred. I then proceeded to shred and sweat and grunt like never before... but now I feel great... ok... a lie.. I feel tired and gross. But proud that I made it through the first one.

See... I have a dream. Well a goal actually. I need to loose 50lbs (preferably 60lbs) to get back to my pre-Sophia and wedding weight. Here's the story...

... you see. My husband also had a dream. He dreamt of having a beard one day. I always told him no.. that I hated beards and that I would "with hold" certain "wifely duties" (wink wink nudge nudge) if he grew one. Well, I got pregnant with our first daughter and with being pregnant and feeling gross and such I hardly felt sexy at all.. so my husband said what the heck and grew his beard. In short... he fullfilled his dream of once growing a beard. After the birth of Sophia my husband made a deal with me, in order to help me lose weight he said that he would shave his beard off when I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. That never happend. And so I got pregnant with my second daughter Charlotte... and much to my dismay, I have also grown quite fond of the beard. But every girl needs something to work towards, right! My husband still says that he will shave the beard off when I lose the weight... so I am on a quest!

So here I am 50lbs away from my dream...a dream of a skinny me and a hairless hubby! Can I do it! YES I CAN.

The above picture is from our stag n' doe. This is what we will look like again... sometime in the future! Wish me luck.


Corrie @ SugarBug Slings said...

you go girl! good luck with the shred, i'm too much of a wimp to try it - jillian michaels scares me to death haha! i'm sure you'll rock that weight loss and your hubby's hair will be gone in no time =)

Giggly said...

Awesome! I have a feeling I am next in line to do this shred thing. I should probably work my way up to it first, so I don't die. LOL