Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday.... Halloween 1984 (I think?)
Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought it was appropriate that I dig up an old Halloween picture. Here I am somewhere in the mid eighties... I think it was '84. This year I was a My Little Pony... the only thing I remember about this Halloween was that my mom thought I was too old to be a My Little Pony, but I didn't care...she bought me the costume anyways. It was one of those scratchy plastic suits and cheap masks that were everywhere back in the day. The other girls were Ragedy Ann, Princess and I'm not sure what Becca was in the front but I think she might have been a cheerleader. I'll have to ask her when I see her next.

These were the good times... the times of running around the streets with your friends filling your bag with candies, and if you lived at my house and never got chips or pop you prayed for the houses that gave you those items at Halloween time. With my dad being Swiss we always had a sufficient amount of great quality Swiss chocolate floating around, so those were still great but not as exciting.

And... I was one of those kids that LOVED getting raisins!!!


Christopher And Tia said...

eew, getting raisins was the worst, haha. I would have tried to trade you mine.

I love that you were a my little pony. The mask is totally scary, and as a kid would have frightened me, but the picture is great.

speaking of my little pony- eleanore sleeps soundly every night, with her head resting on her very favorite pillow case.

Giggly said...
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Giggly said...

Ha! Ha! Raisins. That's great! I was the kid who loved getting toothrushes! :)

Giggly said...

Arrrg, I meant toothbrushes!