Friday, August 6, 2010

NOT a bellydancing queen.

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This picture takes us back to 2003... when I was able to take classes for fun that didn't include a diaper bag full of diapers, wipes and bum creams. Back in 2003 a group of girls and I decided to take bellydancing classes. They were fun, but I was no bellydancing queen. I'm probably one of the only people that can make the dance look awkward and NOT sexy at all. These pictures were taking at out can see me in the left picture at the far right. I don't look happy do I... must be because I HATE performing in front of people! I still enjoy watching bellydancing and sometimes I'll break out some of the moves for the girls... and some of the moves have even showed up in my Zumba class...but I don't think I'll be going back. Sometimes its best to leave a good thing alone. I'll leave the sexy bellydancing to others who are good at it, and I'll stick to my own dance recitals in my kitchen for the girls.

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Christopher And Tia said...

I saw this episode of House Hunters or something (do you have HGTV up there??), and there was this pro belly dancer, and she was gorgeous, and her dancing was amazing. Too bad she was also totally full of herself, which kind of ruined it for me.

I'd look ridiculous, if I ever tried to belly dance. My belly is round like an apple. Its not sexy. It never has been. It probably never will be. Maybe if I get a tummy tuck?? Haha.

I think thats awesome that you took classes!! How long did you do it for?

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

That is awesome you can say you've tried it.

*Christie* said...

I've wanted to try it! But I have WAY too much belly, it would be like EXTREME BELLY dancing haha. At least in the photo you look very graceful :)

TheSeaWithin said...

Way to go for trying! I've been wanting to take tap dancing classes. I'm the worst dancer ever!