Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday - Friends


I realize that I should be posting an older picture then this...but truth is... I'm a Libra and I don't like to hurt anyones feelings... and I don't want to pick a best friend. I've had a lot of my girlfriends as friends for a very long time. My two oldest friends are Rebecca and Krista... and they are both in this picture, so I'm happy :)

This picture was taken last year for my what is now a tradition... birthday walk. This will be the third year that I ask my friends for no gifts... just to join me in a birthday hike and then a pot luck dinner and drinks at my house. Having my birthday in October is wonderful for birthday hikes. The fall in Canada is beautiful... so many different colours and picture perfect moments.

So there we go... my flashback friday for this week... To all my best friends... I love you all and couldn't choose just one... so you all get a spot on my blog for this week.

If you have a Flashback Friday you would like to share. Please stop by Christopher and Tia's blog and submit your link.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, what a great picture!! I'm with you... I couldn't just choose one friend. I have so many friends that fill so many different aspects of my life. Nothing quite like friends!! :D

Christopher And Tia said...

I love this picture!!

Anonymous said...

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